Mr. A. Brown
Mr. A. Brown

I would like to speak well of them for their excellent service. The car security system was installed easily. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

Mrs. J. Jepson
Mrs. J. Jepson

I had a faulty alarm and I called their head office for help. Their car security system is amazing. They were able to fix the alarm remotely.

Mr. A. Clarkson
Mr. A. Clarkson

The engineers are very knowledgeable about their product which made me confident about my decision to have their system installed in my vehicle.

Mrs. A. Parker
Mrs. A. Parker

I called their head office to ask questions about their car security system. I was astonished by the customer representative. They gave me detailed information about the product and installation.

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Security System for Your Vehicle

How to Select a Security System for Your Vehicle

Installing a security system for your Nissan Rogue or Titan is essential as you are also protecting your loved ones and belongings other than the vehicle itself. Moreover, you will discover that most insurance companies will give a discounted rate for cars fitted with alarms.
Apart from preventing any attempted thefts, an ideal security system will also make your vehicle more comfortable to handle. For instance, the remote control is more convenient to carry and lets you set and unset your alarm as well as open and lock your doors and …

Install Security Systems Right Now

If you’re interested to have our home security system installed in your property, the first step is to contact us.


  • Is there a cooling off period?

    Yes, there will be a 14-day cooling off period. So you can relax on your couch

  • What happens if I do not wish to continue the service after the cooling off period?

    We will try our best to address and resolve any issues that you will encounter during the 14-day cooling off period, but if you still wish to cancel the service, there will be an applicable disconnection fee depending on your area. The disconnect fee is designed to cover the installation, removal, and wiring costs. It's recommended that you read up on the fees before getting started with us.

  • What do I do if I have a faulty alarm?

    If your alarm is not working, please call our head office or email. We can remotely access your alarm to check for any errors. If remote access does not solve the problem, we will send our engineers to look into the matter.

  • Will my system work if the power goes off?

    Yes, our home security system is equipped with backup batteries that will give power to the system for a maximum of 8 hours.

  • In case of emergency, who will notify the police?

    We have a monitoring station that will call the police in case of emergency. The alarm is not directly linked to the police because we want to make sure that false alarms are filtered.