Mr. A. Brown
Mr. A. Brown

I would like to speak well of them for their excellent service. The car security system was installed easily. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

Mrs. J. Jepson
Mrs. J. Jepson

I had a faulty alarm and I called their head office for help. Their car security system is amazing. They were able to fix the alarm remotely.

Mr. A. Clarkson
Mr. A. Clarkson

The engineers are very knowledgeable about their product which made me confident about my decision to have their system installed in my vehicle.

Mrs. A. Parker
Mrs. A. Parker

I called their head office to ask questions about their car security system. I was astonished by the customer representative. They gave me detailed information about the product and installation.

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Websites to Buy and Sell Your Car Online

The 10 Best Websites to Buy and Sell Your Car Online

Whether you are selling you care to upgrade or you are in dire need of a chunk of cash, selling it is a hassle. Buying one is no different. It’s a good thing that there are sản phẩm that provides you with service and option in Buying and Selling cars. It’s basically like online shopping for clothes. Just add to the cart, and you get your new ride and take a photo and sell. Here are the ten best websites to buy and sell your car.
1.) Vroom
Imagine browsing through cars and picking one and have it delivered to you in 48 hours? …

Car Seats That Will Be Perfect In Your Nissan Car

3 Types Of Car Seats That Will Be Perfect In Your Nissan Car

You have chosen the Nissan dealer in Katy,Tx that is exactly what your family needs – congratulations!
As well as choosing a perfect vehicle, it is important that you ensure that your entire family is kept safe, comfortable and happy in your Nissans.
Car seats in the market come in various models, makes and styles. It can be quite challenging to pick the perfect one for your car and family – almost as challenging as it was when you had to choose your car!
Here is a list of high-quality, recommended car seats …


Tips on securing your E-Scooter

E-scooters are increasingly becoming common in many parts of the world. Many people have also written about escooterireland.ie electric scooters. In essence, they are slowly replacing bicycles in popularity. Currently, most nations are acknowledging the problems associated with cars. Vehicles are blamed for many environmental problems witnessed in the modern world, including the effects of greenhouse gases that are linked to carbon emissions from fuel combustion. As a result, governments are encouraging the …

After Buying A New Jeep

9 Things You Must Know After Buying A New Jeep

So, you’re now the owner of a Jeep – congratulations!
After your new purchase, you are most likely thinking that you’re ready to give your Jeep a twirl around town. According to McSweeney Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Jeeps must be handled with care! They can be hardcore, casual, and cool if you know how to handle it. Here are a few tips you must know about the Jeep lifestyle.
Learn How To “Jeep Wave”
This is the wave that you graciously must give to let everyone else know …

about CBD

What you need to know about CBD: Is it safe to drive after taking CBD?

CBD is a product from the hemp and cannabis plant. It is used for various beneficial aspects such as in treatments of various diseases. However, unlike the THC element that produces a psychoactive effect, Buying and trying CBD does not affect the mind of the user. THC triggers the mind creating euphoria, drowsiness, sedation, and anxiety. There are questions on whether you should drive after taking CBD due to its relationship with cannabis. Research has shown that CBD does not contain psychoactive elements; however, few things should be clear to help you…

Nighttime Driving Glasses

Is It Dangerous to Wear Nighttime Driving Glasses?

A misconception that is commonly believed is that night vision hd glasses are a helpful tool to have when driving at night.
The reasoning behind this is the belief that the amber or yellow color diminishes glare and makes contrasting colors more easily visible. However, that might not be true at all.
Yellow-Tinted Driving Glasses Impairs Vision
The scientific fact is that all tinted glasses reduce the light that enters the eye. At night, there is even less light available than in the day, and the …

CNC Machines

Different Alarm Types on CNC Machines

MASSO supports numerous alarms on CNC machines that flash on the screen when there are issues with the system. These alarms are handy for security reasons and help you to diagnose problems. Here is a list from Geomiq, of the different alarm types of CNC and how to set them up or clear them.
E-Stop Alarm
This alarm basically flashes on the screen when the MASSO boots up. In order to confirm that the E-Stop button is working, MASSO will request you to press the button and test it.
How to use:
Press the E-Stop …

Buy a Second-Hand Car

Things to Check Before You Buy a Second-Hand Car

Budget-conscious people tend to buy used cars instead of purchasing a new one. For some, it is all about being practical and maximizing their financial capabilities instead of choosing a brand new car and accumulate a loan later on. Buying used cars from Limbaugh Chelsea Motors can also be an option if you are looking at a particular model that is available at a lesser price. However, it might be easy to purchase a second-hand car, but finding the one with a good quality requires a lot of research and your own observation…

Vehicle from Theft

Ways to Protect Your Vehicle from Theft

As technology improves our life, including safety, it is not easier for people who have bad intentions to fulfill their harmful ideas anymore. But as we rely on technology more, sometimes, we tend to forget the basic things that are needed to be done like how we protect our cars from theft. A Honda dealer in Birmingham told me some secrets which I am going to revel below on this topic.
People who are easy to target are often victims of car theft. And as mentioned, people who are too lax and rely too much on technology are mostly prone to …

Security System for Your Vehicle

How to Select a Security System for Your Vehicle

Installing a security system for your Nissan Rogue or Titan is essential as you are also protecting your loved ones and belongings other than the vehicle itself. Moreover, you will discover that most insurance companies will give a discounted rate for cars fitted with alarms.
Apart from preventing any attempted thefts, an ideal security system will also make your vehicle more comfortable to handle. For instance, the remote control is more convenient to carry and lets you set and unset your alarm as well as open and lock your doors and …

DIY Home Security Systems

How to Build DIY Home Security Systems with SMS

Building a DIY home security system is one of the best ways to utilize technology well. The best part is that you don’t have to be a tech wizard to do so. Also, with a few tweaks to the software, you can even create your home security system that can send you an SMS authentication the moment it detects any motion. That said, here are some DIY systems you can try out:
Webcam Security System 101
To set up a basic home security system, you have to own at least a personal computer or laptop with a…

Home Insurance

Can a Home Security System Lower My Home Insurance?

Are you worried about your high cost of home insurance? Having a sound security system in your home will drop the overall cost. Bear in mind that most insurance companies provide cheap insurance for California homeowners that have a proper security system. However, if they discover your residence is prone to insecurity or danger, they tend to increase the cost as their main aim is to avoid claims as much as possible. It is vital that you employ ways to improve the safety of your house. The most commonly used methods are the use …

Home Alarm System

Using Home Devices for Your Home Alarm System

With all the things happening in the world right now, no one can ever be too careful. According to Certahosting, you can’t be too complacent with the security it brings. Locks and chains make it safer for everyone living inside, and some families even have dogs that provide the same sense of security.
While all these have helped families secure their homes, robbery has become easier, courtesy of the evolving and advancing technology. Fortunately, this advancing technology also means that…

Install Security Systems Right Now

If you’re interested to have our home security system installed in your property, the first step is to contact us.


  • Is there a cooling off period?

    Yes, there will be a 14-day cooling off period. So you can relax on your couch

  • What happens if I do not wish to continue the service after the cooling off period?

    We will try our best to address and resolve any issues that you will encounter during the 14-day cooling off period, but if you still wish to cancel the service, there will be an applicable disconnection fee depending on your area. The disconnect fee is designed to cover the installation, removal, and wiring costs. It's recommended that you read up on the fees before getting started with us.

  • What do I do if I have a faulty alarm?

    If your alarm is not working, please call our head office or email. We can remotely access your alarm to check for any errors. If remote access does not solve the problem, we will send our engineers to look into the matter.

  • Will my system work if the power goes off?

    Yes, our home security system is equipped with backup batteries that will give power to the system for a maximum of 8 hours.

  • In case of emergency, who will notify the police?

    We have a monitoring station that will call the police in case of emergency. The alarm is not directly linked to the police because we want to make sure that false alarms are filtered.