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How Pipe Wrench Helps Your Automotive Work

  • If you own a car or you are a mechanic or work in the automotive industry, then you know that the best pipe wrench is one of the most essential tools to have in your toolbox. It assists in several if not all repair and maintenance work on an automotive. Wrenches are manufactured in different sizes and designs. There are adjustable, open-end, combination, and specialty wrenches.

But, did you know the pipe wrenches that are so popular among plumbers is also a necessity in automotive mechanics? You may wonder why one would have a pipe wrench in a mechanic’s toolbox, but it is a valuable tool that can bail you out when standard mechanics tools fail to perform. You have probably seen mechanics at your local repair shop walking around oil stained and carrying a pipe wrench. They are not rookies who do not know which tools to use but experts who know the importance of pipe wrenches in automotive works.

So how important is a pipe wrench in automotive work?

Gripping Soft Metal Pipes

Pipe wrenches are made for gripping soft metal pipes and turning rounded fittings. They have jaws with angled teeth that help in gripping the slippery pipes. A car has several soft metal pipes that can be hard to grip using other wrenches. A pipe wrench comes in handy when working on metals, making up the axle, the bull bars, or the luggage rack. These parts are mostly made of soft metals, and a pipe wrench is used to grip the metal when working on them. These tools are also used when working on heavy-duty engines and suspensions. You should, however, avoid using a pipe wrench on a plated pipe because it will deform the shape by eating out the corners.

Working in Small Hand Spaces

Pipe wrenches are the best tools in most challenging auto repair situations. They are ideal when working on cars that have challenging hand spaces. Pipe wrenches help mechanics to get into these small spaces and work on nuts and bolts that are positioned in difficult locations. It offers a better grip than other wrenches making it easier to work. Some motorbike riders never go for a trail without a medium sized pipe wrench.

Removing Stripped and Rusty Bolts and Nuts

Rusty bolts can be difficult to loosen. They end up eating out the teeth of most pipe wrenches and even break them if too much force is applied. A pipe wrench comes in handy in these situations. The angled teeth and adjustable jaws help grip the nuts tightly in such a way that the wrench does not slip. These allow mechanics to apply enough torque to loosen the rusty nuts.

Pipe wrenches were mostly made for the plumber to turn threaded pipes and pipe fittings. However, people who work in the automotive industry found use in them especially when nuts and bolts became stripped. They have now become necessary tools to have in a mechanic’s toolbox, and mechanics are inventing more ways to use a pipe wrench in automotive work.

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