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Can a Home Security System Lower My Home Insurance?

Are you worried about your high cost of home insurance? Having a sound security system in your home will drop the overall cost. Bear in mind that most insurance companies provide cheap insurance for California homeowners that have a proper security system. However, if they discover your residence is prone to insecurity or danger, they tend to increase the cost as their main aim is to avoid claims as much as possible. It is vital that you employ ways to improve the safety of your house. The most commonly used methods are the use of multi-policy discounts, smoke detectors, and deadbolts. But, did you know there is a cheap, convenient way to safeguard your residence? Well, the installation of a Home Security System will do wonders than you can ever imagine.

What a Home Security System Entails

A home security system includes various features which contribute to almost 25% saving costs of your house insurance. The following elements comprise the security system.

Security Cameras

Fitting of security cameras in your residence will contribute to the reduction of your insurance expense. It is important that the cameras function throughout.

Leakage Detection

Did you know leakage detectors will save up to 10% of your insurance cost? Consider incorporating these detectors to your security system. Some sensors can gauge smoke before a fire erupts and others can robotically shut off the water. Indicators can be connected to your phone to alert you whenever you’re out of the home, so they’re really convenient.

Specialized Monitoring

One of the conditions set by insurance companies to obtain a discount is the installation of a dedicated control. It is advantageous if your alarm company provides you with a certificate to present to the insurance agency to get a discount.

Scrutinized Smoke and Fire Sirens

Smoke and fire bells work almost in a similar way to the leak detectors. They will also alert you on your phone in case of any smoke or fire sense.

Lists of Home Security Companies that can Minimize the House Insurance Cost

You’ve probably found yourself in a situation whereby you forgot to lock your main door or garage. Some home security firms have a system that allows you to secure your doors far from home. Majority of the house insurance companies like the ones mentioned below will even offer more discount with such an added feature.


It is the most popular firms known to operate for 140 years now. The company will install for you their clock surveillance camera, sirens, detectors, and a backup battery.


One thing about Scout is that no contract is required. You will install for yourself and perform the specialized monitoring on your own. To obtain a good discount form the insurance company, ensure you have installed professional scrutiny.

Link Interactive

This firm will give you the flexibility of setting up a security system based on your preference. The features may include entrance monitoring, doorbell radars, and door controls.


A security system lowers the risk of danger in your home, which in turn reduces the cost of home insurance. Depending on your needs, you may set up the features mentioned. You can compare what different alarm companies can offer. Once you present your security measures to the insurance companies, you will get a discount.

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