Security System for Your Vehicle

How to Select a Security System for Your Vehicle

Installing a security system for your Nissan Rogue or Titan is essential as you are also protecting your loved ones and belongings other than the vehicle itself. Moreover, you will discover that most insurance companies will give a discounted rate for cars fitted with alarms.

Apart from preventing any attempted thefts, an ideal security system will also make your vehicle more comfortable to handle. For instance, the remote control is more convenient to carry and lets you set and unset your alarm as well as open and lock your doors and trunk. Other security systems will even allow you to use your smartphone to control and inspect your vehicle’s security.

How the Security System Works

You might be wondering how a car security system operates in safeguarding your vehicle. Once you’re out of your car, you can simply press the button to turn it on. Immediately, the doors will lock, and the siren beep will alert you that the motor stands safeguarded. If, by any chance, you leave the car and forget to lock the doors, the siren will alert you with a distinct sound.

Just in case a potential robber approaches it, he will notice the installed system. Usually, he will change his mind and walk away from your vehicle. Meanwhile, if he attempts to break into your car, he’ll receive a warning siren blast. Depending on the degree of interference, the system will decide what type of warning to give out.

Once you get back to the vehicle, you can disarm the system using the remote control and open the doors. You can even sound the siren using the remote if someone is disturbing you or if you can’t locate your car.

Features that Constitute an Ideal Security System

  • Motion sensors allow you to leave the windows open or the top down. They will also safeguard the cargo areas in your car. If someone interferes with your space, the alarm will alert you.
  • Two-way remotes provide feedback regarding the state of your vehicle and commands’ response.
  • The tilt sensor will detect any tilting of your parked car made by an attempted robbery to pull your car.
  • Starter kill protects your vehicle against getting hot-wired.
  • Driver’s priority unlocks is a feature which allows you to open and unlock your door without opening the rest. It also permits you to get in the car without the guard getting down.
  • Glass-break sensors will alert you whenever a window is broken. It is a significant aspect of a car security system as it safeguards you from someone who thinks he can evade the alarm by not using the door.
  • The GPS helps keep track of the car’s location and get alerts whenever it leaves or parks at a pre-programmed place or if it’s driving too fast.
  • The auxiliary output is a feature which enables you to enhance the alarm’s capabilities by incorporating more elements like the window controls or remote starters.
  • Some car security systems allow you to use your smartphone to control the system, providing you with an unrestricted scope.

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