Buy a Second-Hand Car

Things to Check Before You Buy a Second-Hand Car

Budget-conscious people tend to buy used cars instead of purchasing a new one. For some, it is all about being practical and maximizing their financial capabilities instead of choosing a brand new car and accumulate a loan later on. Buying used cars from Limbaugh Chelsea Motors can also be an option if you are looking at a particular model that is available at a lesser price. However, it might be easy to purchase a second-hand car, but finding the one with a good quality requires a lot of research and your own observation skills.

Below are guidelines for the things that you must check before buying a second-hand car:

Research is the Key

You being an internet savvy can be useful when doing research for nice second-hand cars. It is a must for you to look for models that have already proven their dependability and reliability. Good places are vehicle review sites, car forums, Facebook page related to cars, and other similar resources. Doing this type of research will give you information such as weaknesses and trouble spots for a particular car. This information will help you decide to buy the car or not.

Do Proper Inspection

This is one of the most important actions that you can do before buying a second-hand car. You can even bring a mechanic with you that will do the inspection of your target vehicle. As a reminder, the car should be driven for at least an hour before undergoing the inspection. It is also proper that the car should be standing on the flat surface while the time of the inspection should be on day time.

Check the Body

You should be able to carefully check the quality of the car’s body. Checking its paint condition and looking for dents, rust, scratches, and other similar things should be done carefully. Check the door’s hinges if it’s loose or not as this indicates the quality of usage of each door.

Consider the Glass

The car’s glass should be inspected if there are any dents and cracks. Any cracks that can be found in the car’s windshield have the tendency to become worse over time, so be careful upon inspecting. Do remember that whatever you found upon inspection can be used for bargaining the price, so carefully check everything.

Other Parts to Check

Tires – It must be even across the width of the thread and on both sides of the car.

Lights and Lenses – all should be working properly without crack and should be complete.

Seats – check for the quality of the upholstery while also trying both the seatbelts and the sitting adjustment. Make sure that they are working properly and do not need repairs.

Roof – check the roof for any damage, stains, and sags. It is a must for you to check thoroughly for any water leakage in the roof. If you can, ask the owner if there are just to make sure.

Trunk – check the quality of the trunk including the carpet and the cleanliness inside. Dirty trunks tend to emit a foul odor.


To be able to buy a used car that has good quality, follow the guide above. Inspection is important before buying the car, and if you can, test drive the car and observed its quality while on the road.

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