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Different Alarm Types on CNC Machines

MASSO supports numerous alarms on CNC machines that flash on the screen when there are issues with the system. These alarms are handy for security reasons and help you to diagnose problems. Here is a list from Geomiq, of the different alarm types of CNC and how to set them up or clear them.

E-Stop Alarm

This alarm basically flashes on the screen when the MASSO boots up. In order to confirm that the E-Stop button is working, MASSO will request you to press the button and test it.

How to use:

Press the E-Stop button and the E-stop alarm button will be displayed on the screen. MASSO will then ask you to release the E-Stop button in order to clear the alarm.

Homing Alarm

The homing alarm relays to you that the controller is uncertain about the position of the axis. Hence, it needs to home the axis.

How to use:

In order to clear this alarm, you are required to home the machine. To do this, simply press Ctrl + Alt + Home. The alarm will be cleared once homing is completed.

Soft-Limit Alarm

This alarm is designed to prevent over travel to all axes on the machine. However, it needs to be properly set up and configured in order to work properly.

How to use:

To set up this alarm, go to the F1 screen and then to the general settings. While here, make sure that the soft-limit alarm is not disabled as this will prevent the alarm from working.

When doing the calibration for each axis, ensure that their minimum and maximum travel is classified according to your machine travel since this value is what is used internally for soft limits.

Clearing this alarm requires you to provide any motion command like a valid G-code or G or M codes command.

Hard Limit Alarms

Hard Limit alarms are activated by homing sensors when the system over travels because of electrical or mechanical issues during motion. The alarm is displayed on the screen, and the system will let you know which axis caused it. This will also put the system in feed hold and stop the spindle.

How to use:

Begin by determining the cause of the alarm. This alarm may be as a result of a mechanical issue or setting in the system.

When the issue is resolved, home the machine by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Home and clear the alarm.

Motor Drive Alarm

This is displayed when the servo motor drives or the stepper goes into a faulty condition either because of a stuck motor or an electrical issue. MASSO puts the system into feed hold and stops the spindle when the alarm signals.

How to use:

On the F1 screen, pick any of the free inputs and assign Motor Alarm Input. Connect each axis to different inputs so that the system goes into feed hold when the motors give an alarm.

To clear the alarm, first determine its cause. When resolved, press Ctrl + Alt + Home to home the machine.

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