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Security Products You Can Buy for Your Jeep

Jeeps are one of the most stylish as well as utilitarian means of transport anyone can have. However, while these beasts are a status symbol for the drivers, they come with a lot of upfront responsibility and require a significant investment even after the initial purchase. But there are other options as well.

Security Concerns for Jeeps

Given that many of the popular jeep models are open roof, the question of protecting their contents comes instantly inside the purchaser’s mind. After all, jeeps without an outside cab for protection automatically become an easy target for thieves.

A certain amount of investment must be put into the safety features of a newly-bought jeep to provide you with the assurance of safety while driving. Due to that, you have to consider some common features you can install to make your jeep more secure.

Must-Have Security Products for Your Jeep

Here are some of the common products that can help you ensure your jeep’s safety:

  • Lock Boxes – simple safe boxes that will feat under any seat are easily the most common option chosen by jeep owners to hide their valuables in plain sight. These boxes can be slid open and the contents can be secured with a locking mechanism.
  • External Door Locks – most of the jeeps contain the hard door mechanism which is vulnerable to being lifted off. External door mechanisms provide an extra layer of security to the jeep doors and allow only the owner to remove or unlock doors.
  • Universal Security Lock Boxes – these boxes come with a hard lock and can be mounted almost anywhere on the jeep. With varying sizes, the contents can range from the jeep tools to your cardholder.
  • Center Consoles – while this option comes pre-installed in several jeep models, it can easily be installed on request as well. Though they may not have much space due to their location, they are definitely secure and easily accessible when driving.
  • Deck Vaults – a spacious and safe storage option, a security vault can be installed on the deck of your jeep as well. This is best for people who plan long trips and need to carry a lot of essentials in their jeep.
  • Fuel Cap Lock – while a jeep may have a normal fuel cap pre-installed, you should always install an extra layer of security on top of it to ensure that no one tries to steal an important non-renewable source of energy from your jeep.
  • Hood Latch Locks – thieves tend to be extra creative these days, and this can involve lifting off materials such as the jeep’s battery or other essential engine parts by opening the hood. A simple hood lock will deter them from trying such activities.
  • Cable Locks – you should always carry a couple of extra cable locks to attach any loosely kept product to the roll bar of your jeep. A good cable lock will be difficult to cut through and easy to attach to any object as well.
  • Spare Tire Locks – you’ve never ventured into the wild if you never have got your spare tire stolen from the back of your jeep. A favorite among thieves, a spare tire can be protected with a single bolt or a complete cable lock to protect it from theft.

A Final Word of Caution

You should always be willing to go the extra mile and spend a considerate amount protecting the huge investment you have put in your jeep or the stuff it holds. As they say, it’s better safe than sorry!

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