After Buying A New Jeep

9 Things You Must Know After Buying A New Jeep

So, you’re now the owner of a Jeep – congratulations!

After your new purchase, you are most likely thinking that you’re ready to give your Jeep a twirl around town. According to McSweeney Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Jeeps must be handled with care! They can be hardcore, casual, and cool if you know how to handle it. Here are a few tips you must know about the Jeep lifestyle.

Learn How To “Jeep Wave”

This is the wave that you graciously must give to let everyone else know that the Jeep driver you’re about to overtake is cool too. It states that overtaking is a thing Jeeps do. You may wave or create your signature hand gesture.

Embrace Your Jeep Addiction

You’ve always wanted a Jeep. Now that you’ve finally gotten one, you’re excited! You subconsciously check out every other Jeep you see. When you see things in them that you admire, you simply have to add it to your Jeep.

You can embrace your addiction fully. Subscribe to the Morris Center newsletter. It will give you the greatest Jeep product deals, the latest products and more.

You Jeep Model Is The Best

Have faith in your choice of Jeep. It is the best choice you could have made. None of the other Jeeps you see are as amazing as your own. Be content with your Jeep.

Enjoy recognizing other models of Jeep too – The YJ, Cherokee, JK. They are now the rivals of your Jeep.

You Are Now The Center Of Attention

Everyone is going to want to ride with you now, because almost everyone wants a Jeep of their own, whether they want to admit it or not.

You will be the center of attention. Adapt to it quickly, and enjoy your new, cooler image.

You Need Security For Your Jeep

The only Jeep that may not need security is the models with hardtops. Most Jeeps have soft tops or no tops at all, therefore, you need to increase the security of your Jeep especially if you often leave valuable items inside it.

Tuffy and Beston are good companies to go to for security options.

If Your Jeep Is Broke, Then So Are You

Your bank accounts are going to take a hit after your new Jeep purchase. Get comfortable with it, because when the time comes to upgrade your Jeep, you’re just going to have to do it.

Buy road accessories, bigger lift kits, tougher springs – make your Jeep exactly what you want it to be.

Join A Club For Jeep Owners

It will help you find new Jeep friends. Together, you can trail in a pack, and have many adventures outdoors.

Defeat The Death Wobble

It is a problem that every 4×4 may have, although sometimes it specifically affects Jeeps. Add lift kits, modifications and special parts, big tires and you’ve got a Death Wobble. Your Jeep will begin to vibrate as the wheels at the front wobble at certain speeds.

The best way out of this is to find shops that specialize in Jeep modification, and let them assist you in modifying your Jeep and repairing it.

Attend Jeep Events

It will give you an opportunity to meet other Jeeps and their owners, as well as meet vendors, watch shows and drive through obstacle courses and road trails.

A good example is the Jeep Jamborees.

Welcome to the circle of Jeepers!

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