Tips on securing your E-Scooter

E-scooters are increasingly becoming common in many parts of the world. Many people have also written about escooterireland.ie electric scooters. In essence, they are slowly replacing bicycles in popularity. Currently, most nations are acknowledging the problems associated with cars. Vehicles are blamed for many environmental problems witnessed in the modern world, including the effects of greenhouse gases that are linked to carbon emissions from fuel combustion. As a result, governments are encouraging the use of bicycles. They are supporting the move by constructing bicycle racks in strategic points such as MRT stations.

Can e-scooters use the bicycle racks?

E-scooters are definitely becoming more popular than bicycles because they use modern technology that requires less power to move and thus they will not make you tired like bicycles. It is now common to see them parked in the spaces that are meant for bicycles. If you have seen one, you must have noticed that they perfectly fit in the bicycle’s space. Most of the e-shooters at the parking racks are secured with twirly locks that are meant for bicycles, yet the e-shooters are more expensive. There is a need to use more secure modes for the e-shooter. Several locks are more secure to use with your e-shooter.

The Foldylock

This is arguably the most secure lock to use for your e-shooter. It is hard to break due to the design as well as the material making the lock. It fits nicely on the frame of the e-shooter. Foldylock can also be used to protect bicycles. The innovators of these locks are also credited as the people who developed that first bicycle seat locks. The locks will be launched soon with added security features.

The Cricket

Also called the motion alarm, the cricket, especially the new models are one of the most secure locks to protect your e-shooter. The traditional cricket locks are bulky and not as effective as the modern locks. It is advisable to go for the new models for maximum security. The new models are digitized and can send a signal to your phone indicating the location of your e-shooter if it is moved. The cricket alarm system is relatively small making it easy to hide it under the seat of your e-shooter or anywhere else where it cannot be noticed. The alarm will remove the worry of always checking whether your e-shooter has been moved.

Ignition Lock

Unlike motorbikes, e-shooters are not fitted with key ignition lock at the time of purchase. Nevertheless, the ignition can be fitted to add an extra layer of security to your e-shooter or e-bike. The key is not effective until other features are added. You should supplement the key with other security features such as the Foldylock.


You should take part in saving the climate like many other people around the world. One way to participate in this noble activity is to use e-shooter; however, with the increase in their popularity, you should not forget to secure your e-shooter using one of the modes discussed above.

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