Car Seats That Will Be Perfect In Your Nissan Car

3 Types Of Car Seats That Will Be Perfect In Your Nissan Car

You have chosen the Nissan dealer in Katy,Tx that is exactly what your family needs – congratulations!

As well as choosing a perfect vehicle, it is important that you ensure that your entire family is kept safe, comfortable and happy in your Nissans.

Car seats in the market come in various models, makes and styles. It can be quite challenging to pick the perfect one for your car and family – almost as challenging as it was when you had to choose your car!

Here is a list of high-quality, recommended car seats that other parents who are just as health-conscious as you are buying.

Carriers For Infants

The carrier for infants is mostly designed for babies from birth to those weighing up to 20 – 30 pounds. It depends also on your child’s age.

These carriers must face the rear end if your car. Often times, they have a base conveniently attached which locks into the latch system in your Nissans. The latch system enables for easy fixing of the car seat into and out of the vehicle.

The Chicco KeyFit model is a good product and an example of these types of carriers. It is easily installed, and the fit is secure. It obtained high scores in crash tests; it is considered very safe for your infant.

Convertible Carriers

Convertible Carriers or car seats are designed for toddlers. Your children should never be placed in car seats that are too small for their size, and eventually, they outgrow their infant carriers in both length and weight.

You will know that you have to purchase a new carrier when you start breathing heavily and suffer from muscle aches whenever you carry your child (with the carrier) out of the vehicle.

Convertible carriers are designed for toddlers and babies that weigh more than 20 pounds. The design allows your baby to face forward or towards the rear of the vehicle.

When your child is two years old and older and weighs 30-35 pounds, the convertible carrier can be made to face the forward direction.

The Britax Marathon G4 model is a convertible carrier with every safety feature that you can imagine. It is an adequate fit for children who weigh as much as 65 pounds, therefore it is a good option until your child is ready to stay in a booster seat. Its features offer protection from side impacts and have bars of steel inserted into its frame for optimal strength and safety. The cover of the seat is made up of fabric which is comfortable, easily washed and very soft.

Booster Seats

A booster seat is appropriate for children aged 3 to 5. They attach easily to Nissans latch system, however the car’s seat belt can also be used. It accommodates children 30 – 40 pounds and heavier.

It conveniently builds your child’s self-esteem and confidence because the buckle can be done by the child.

If it has a high back, it offers protection from side impacts. The back may be removed as your child grows older.

Graco TurboBooster is a booster seat created with your rapidly growing child in mind. It has head support that is adjustable, padded and adjustable armrests as well as guides on the seatbelts. It is very easy to remove the back of the booster when your child does not need it anymore.

As a parent, your child’s safety is a priority. It is important to ensure that your child is comfortable and enjoys your Nissan as much as you do.

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