Personal Security Vehicles

The 10 Best Personal Security Vehicles

You no longer need to be in a military tank to be safe. Luxury cars by MQ cars have brought about a mix of comfort and security that is discrete and fashionable. With these ten high-security vehicles, be ready to tackle anything ranging from a mild stroke to an apocalypse.

1.         Bentley Mulsanne

Built by the same people who designed Queen Elizabeth’s car, you should expect only the best quality and protection.  Its 5.1 seconds (0-60) acceleration, ability to handle machine gun fire, and chemical weapon protection, you can never be in a much safer ride. Besides, it has a stylish appearance and impressive speed.

2.         The Beast

Manufactured by Cadillac, and trusted by Barack Obama, the Beast is an exceptional armor tank.  The armor protecting the exterior is massive, and the interior shield protects against gas attacks. Having been designed to protect the president, you can trust its innovation, technology, and design.

3.         BMW 760Li High Security

It is a steel-paneled car with every inch covered in armor to withstand any threats. The 760 Li stands out because of its ability to detect high gas levels around it. In the event the car senses gas, the windows automatically roll up, and the vents close. Then, clean air gets pumped in. It also has an intercom, which enables communication with people on the outside.

4.         Mercedes S600 Guard

Like any other Mercedes S-Class, this sedan boasts VR9 ballistic protection. Thus, it can handle any explosive devices and machine guns without any damage. The blackout blinds, police light, 525 horsepower, and a panic alarm are inclusive and will come in handy when looking to flee an area quickly. Its windows are thick such that they operate using a hydraulic lift.

5.         Maserati Quattroporte

A standard choice for the Italian government, the Maserati Quattroporte is a bullet-proof car that doesn’t compromise luxury and class for armor. It has exceptional protection and additional body shields that you want.

6.         Audi A8 L Security

The Audi A&L managed to scoop the first position in U.S News Ranking in 2012. Having an intercom, VR 9 armor, selective door unlocking, an armored communication box, a fresh air emergency system, and a fire extinguishing system is among the features that guarantee your safety.

7.         Volkswagen Phaeton

Did you know that Volkswagen has a special division that commits to manufacturing unique cars such as this armor-plated car? It has a discreet exterior, an electronic immobilizer, laminated glass, anti-theft wheel bolts and complete armor that protects against violent attacks. Its interior is customizable, which makes it a competition to both the Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

8.         Range Rover V8

The Range Rover V8 takes the armored vehicles to a whole new level with its side-blast protection against grenades and its self-sealing gas tank. It has an escape space beneath the rear seats. Among other features, its excellent suspension and ability to withstand any terrain makes it a suitable luxury tank.

9.         Rolls-Royce Phantom VI Limousine

Rolls is a brand commonly associated with luxury, and they attract attention. The Phantom VI Limousine will attract attention, yet the public will remain clueless as to it being an armored vehicle. Due to the high profile clientele these vehicles serve, there is limited information as to detailed security features.

10.       Porsche Panamera 4.8 V8 Turbo

Its small size makes it the ideal getaway vehicle, irrespective of the space. It features an armored gas tank, tires that can continue moving even when flat, a ballistic roof made of steel and bullet-proof glass.

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