Restomod Cars

Restomod Cars – Their Pros and Cons

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Restomod Academy, then you most likely don’t have a clear opinion about them just yet. With that said, most automobile enthusiasts know a little bit about what these cars are all about, and they normally have their own opinion about them.

Anyway, restomods are actually pretty controversial, especially when you ask folks that happen to be deeply passionate about the older, vintage automobiles. If you can’t find anyone like this in your circles, just go to a classic vehicle owner gathering and you’ll see how a discussion on restomods.

What’s a Restomod?

When a vehicle is given a restomod, it isn’t just being fixed up. When a below-average shape, old car is taken and made to look brand new, as it once was when it sat in the showroom of a dealer, that is called restomod. Folks that restore cars go through a lot to ensure everything is as perfect as it can be, right down to the carpeting’s type and color.

What Are Its Pros?

Faster Cars

Most people view the past using rose-colored glasses. A Porsche 911 (1974) felt really fast during its day because at that particular time it was. Sadly, however, there are numerous slightly above-average modern vehicles that can outrun such classics, and some folks believe that it isn’t right.

Restomod is the solution a lot of these people turn to, instead of just doing a regular restoration of the Porsche. You have the option of upgrading the existing engine, getting a more modern one altogether, or even using modern forced-induction setups. This way, it won’t get spanked by a Honda Accord at a red light.

Making the Car Yours

Just because you adore old American muscle vehicles and think they look cool doesn’t mean that their sloppy handling is something you want to have to deal with all the time. With the restomod technique, you can come up with the type of driving experience you’re interested in. For instance, not everyone usually wants to have the same suspension adjustments, etc.

What Are Its Cons?

Tampering With the Classics

What would folks think if you took a spray paint can to the Mona Lisa claiming you want to “improve” it? Other than getting arrested, as well as having to deal with the legal repercussions, the entire art scene would be completely disgusted, and rightfully so for that matter. However, so many folks all around the globe are doing the same thing when they slap awful mods onto a classic vehicle.

Vehicle Worth

Restoring classic vehicles is a tedious and painstaking procedure. While it isn’t something everyone can or should do, those that do pursue this route can reap big with restomod cars, especially financially. Well-done restored cars can go for quite a considerable amount, depending on the model of course.

Wrapping It Up

Restomod cars are usually created to cater to both the preferences and tastes of the car’s owner. Hopefully, now you know a little bit more about restomods. When it comes to the pros and cons of a restomod vehicle, where do you stand?

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