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Camera Locations


The link below shows details of mobile camera locations for the current week ahead. Due to operational constraints, additional sites may also be visited within the stated period.

These files are available in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format.

Adobe Acrobat

Please click here to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader if you can't access the below link

Mobile Camera Locations between: 14.04.2014 and 20.04.2014

Mobile Camera Locations between: 21.04.2014 and 27.04.2014

Mobile Camera Locations between: 28.04.2014 and 04.05.2014



Fixed Safety Cameras

There are 112 fixed safety camera housings situated at over 50 separate safety camera routes on roads across Derbyshire that have a history of excessive speeds and casualties. The cameras are all painted bright yellow and are clearly signed to make them as visible as possible to approaching motorists.

Two types of fixed safety camera are operated in Derbyshire: Gatsos, which can take a photograph of a vehicle's rear number plate and Truvelo, which has the ability to take rear or front facing photography.

The below link provides access to a spreadsheet which details locations of all fixed safety camera housings across Derbyshire. There is also the option to view the camera housing location on a map. This feature is available by clicking on the "Click to View on Map" hyperlink against each housing description within the spreadsheet.

Derbyshire Fixed Safety Camera Housing Locations


Mobile Safety Cameras

Four mobile safety camera vans are operated at around 60 mobile routes across Derbyshire with a history of speed-related collisions.

Mobile Gatso cameras operated on a tripod are also used at a number of mobile camera routes.

All four vehicles are clearly marked with the eye-catching 'CREST' livery. The mobile cameras, which are operated by CREST Enforcement Officers through the rear window and side windows of the vehicle, use constantly running video film to provide evidence of speeding offences.

The Enforcement Officer operating the camera must first form the opinion that a vehicle approaching or receding the van is exceeding the speed limit before using the equipment to corroborate this opinion.

The below link provides access to a spreadsheet which details locations of all operational mobile safety camera routes across Derbyshire

Derbyshire Mobile Safety Camera Route Locations



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