Our standard car security system gives you and your family the highest level of protection from theft and burglary. Furthermore, it can be improved with the help of additional devices that can fit your vehicle security needs.

Our standard car security system includes:

  • Keyless Entry – Most vehicles today come standard with a remote key fob that allows drivers to convenient lock and unlock your doors from 30-40 feet away. While the vehicle is locked, your vehicle will monitor your doors – so if someone manages to open the door from the inside, the alarm will be triggered.
  • Alarm – If an intrusion is detected (door opened while locked), the vehicle’s alarm will start to sound, alerting people nearby. Most standard security systems that come with vehicles simply use the vehicle’s horn.
  • Advanced Keyless Entry – All Slow It Down security systems include remote fobs that provide superior range, starting at 1000 feet all the way up to 3-miles.
  • Impact Detection – Slow It Down security systems include dual-stage shock sensors that detect two levels of impact – both of which provide unique warning chirps from the alarm siren.
  • Theft-Deterrent LED – If your vehicle has our car security system installed, your installer technician will place a small LED near the front of the vehicle. While your system is armed and doors are locked, this LED will blink a bright blue light – signaling to car thieves that your vehicle is protected by Slow It Down. Thieves will know better than to mess with your vehicle and will move on.
  • Starter-Kill – The ultimate solution for eliminating car theft. While your system is armed, Our security system will safely disable your vehicle’s starter until you disarm your system from the remote. Even if a thief manages to get a copy of your vehicle’s key, they won’t be able to start the engine until the security system is disarmed.
  • Tilt Sensor – As inconvenient as “smash and grab” can be, you know what’s worse? Getting your wheels stolen. When you’re shopping for a car security system, make sure to request for the DAS. The DAS has a built-in tilt sensor that calibrates every time you lock and arm your vehicle. If the DAS detects 1-2º tilt in any direction, the alarm siren will sound.
  • 2-Way Alerts – Simple question: would you rather know or not know if your vehicle is being stolen/broken into? If you answered “know”, you need a Slow It Down Security System. Pair your Slow It Down security system with any of our 2-way LCD remotes or our smartphone application, DroneMobile, and you will be alerted as soon as your alarm is triggered.
  • Alarm Siren – Our alarm siren is really loud. In most vehicles, Slow It Down installers will place the siren so that it is loudest inside of the vehicle, ensuring that anyone messing with your vehicle will have a terrible experience doing so.

If you prefer to install our standard vehicle security system for now, you can always opt to install these additional features at a later time.

If your car security system has been installed and you wish to add these extras to your package, feel free to contact us at by email at info@slowitdown.co.uk and we will gladly assist you.