Our standard home security system gives you and your family the highest level of protection from theft and burglary. Furthermore, it can be improved with the help of additional devices that can fit your home security needs.

Our standard home security system includes:

  • A remote control
  • Two-way radio
  • Keypad
  • Door alarm
  • Proximity tags to set up the system
  • Pet-friendly infrared detectors (support pets of up to 36kg)

Optional extras:

  • Combined smoke & heat detector
  • Additional pet-friendly infrared detectors
  • Additional proximity tags
  • Zone repeater
  • Internal sounder
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Bell box

If you prefer to install our standard home security system for now, you can always opt to install these additional features at a later time.

If your home security system has been installed and you wish to add these extras to your package, feel free to contact us at [HOTLINE] or send us an email at [EMAIL] and we will gladly assist you.