To make sure we can give you the protection that you need, our home security system is designed for ease of use. As such, we make sure to cater to your every need via the following:

User-friendly Keypads

Our user-friendly keypads will keep you from reading your home security instruction manual every time you come across an unfamiliar setting. We used words and icons that are easy to understand so you can easily personalise your alarm system.

User-friendly Remote Control

Our home security system comes with a user-friendly remote control which allows you to easily set an alarm to your preference. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about not setting the alarm correctly because the functions, symbols, and signs are all easy to understand.

Panic Button Activation

The panic button will notify our monitoring team of any intruder attack within your premises. You can activate the panic button through the home security system and through the remote.  The best part is that it comes with a wire-free activation which is quite useful during an emergency. When an accident happens, you can easily use the wire-free panic button to call for immediate help.

“Night Set” Mode

Our home security system allows you to choose specific areas to be protected during the night. Our remote is designed with a sensitive sensor that can let you activate this feature regardless of your location at home.

Pet-Friendly Sensors

Although our home security system can detect even the slightest changes in heat temperature to avoid fire, the sensors are designed to differentiate the heat and shape of your pets, if you have any.

Fire, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Our home security system comes with a fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection function. You have the option to install these features during initial installation or at a later time. This added feature will help protect you and your family from the disastrous effects of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring Staff

We have a monitoring staff that will look after you and your property 24/7. We continuously train our staff to make them capable of addressing your needs during an emergency.

Our monitoring staff are also trained to detect false alarms. Reliable and efficient, they make sure that our customers are not taken for granted. They are always available to attend to your needs.